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Forestry and Fire Workforce Development and Education Program

Mariposa Institute invites you to deepen your relationship with land stewardship, forestry, fire safety, and climate resilience. Come learn and practice land management skills, interface with industry experts, and develop skills that can serve you in a career in forestry and fire resilience

What you'll gain

Gain insight

into forestry, fire, land stewardship methods and career paths


with industry experts and hear perspectives from BIPOC leaders


hands-on training in forest health, fire resilience, and climate resilience

Stipend/Cost Information

Mendocino County Youth Project's Transitional-Aged Youth Program Participants

Will receive a $500 stipend for participation, or a monthly stipend of $100 per weekend attended.

Community Youth (aged 18-24)

Will pay $90-120 sliding scale to participate in the entire program to participate. As an offering of reparations, or BIPOC youth, the scale slides to $0 regardless of income eligibility.

Workshop and Workday Schedule

Each Saturday of the program, there is an educational workshop on forestry, fire, or land management, and the following Sunday is an experiential learning workday for participants to put into action what they have just learned. 


Introduction to Forestry as a Career Path

Join Matthew Gilbert, Registered Professional Forester, and learn about career opportunities in forestry


Waterways Workday

Learn how to care for delicate riparian ecosystems, including reducing sedimentation and more


Prescribed Grazing and Fire

Bronte Velez and Jordie Rosales, land stewards at the School of Inclement Weather, will teach about the effect of the intentional use of livestock on the land


Livestock Workday

Join Shai Schnall and learn how to work with goats and sheep, how to set up electric fencing for fire fuels management, and how to move the animals

APRIL 13th

Non-Agency Fire Suppression Work

Join Sterling Minter from Avalon Fire Services and Biswell Forestry in learning what community members can do to prevent ire

APRIL 14th

Burn Unit Planning Day and Native Plant Identification

Learn how best to plan for intentional burning, including topography, mapping, and developing holding lines or using natural barriers to confine fire to the unit. The workday leader, Jay Scherf, will also be leading a discussion about the native plants that thrive in fire-adapted landscapes

MAY 18th

Tending the Land with Fire

Learn about the impact of prescribed fire with Thea Maria Carlson, Land Steward at Monan's Rill and Wildfire Resilience Specialist at Santa Rosa Junior College

MAY 19th

Prescribed Burn Unit Preparation

Join Jay Scherf to refine your burn unit planning and preparation skills and learn how to perform a hoselay and use tools to ready the unit for fire

Register here

Please complete the form to register for  this program. Payment for Community Youth is due first day of program, and stipends for MCYP youth are disbursed each Sunday of the program.

Thanks for participating!

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