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Community Offerings

One of the special things about Mariposa Institute is the community it attracts. Both residents and community members alike are talented and creative, and have many amazing skills to offer. If you need ideas for workshops for your upcoming retreat, you can find plug-and-play workshops here that our community is available to host. To book, please contact our Program Manager and we'll get in touch with the workshop leader.

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Base pricing per workshop starts at $50 per hour for most offerings, plus the cost of materials. 


Get in touch for an exact quote!

Shai Schnall

Strange Fire Offerings

Shai Schnall: Shai Schnall (they/them) is a genderfull Ashkenazi Jewish ritualist and hebrew priestexx, land and animal tender, and maker of ritual objects who was a Mariposa resident living on Northern Pomo land for three year. They find connection to the more than human world in relationship to sheep and goats, fire resiliency, the support of oak trees at their back and fiber arts as sacred practice. Shai is a shepherd, shearer, wool mill worker and Jewish educator/spiritual leader that specializes in trans rites of passage for all ages. They delight in play and can be found on Oak Woodland walks with preschoolers, scrambling up rocks in the creek with their niblings, and quietly or sometimes loudly connecting with the many different lifeforms they share home with at Mariposa.

  • Oak Woodlands Walks (preschool-adult)

  • Fleece to Frock Tzitzit Making Workshops

  • Queer Jewish Retreats

  • Grief Reteats

  • Rites of Passage Rituals for all ages

  • Earth-Based Youth Education

Wilder Herbertson

Human Becoming

Wilder (they/them) is an ancestral skills practitioner and teacher with a focus on mushroom and plant foraging, fiber arts, and ancestrally appropriate diet. They are called to share this earth-connected work for two reasons. Firstly, so that others can join in this reverence and wonder. But mostly, it’s only by recommitting daily to our sacred contract with the earth that we can build a future in which we can live. (I am fed, my thirst is slaked, and all my needs can be met; this can only occur if we steward the earth in right relation.) Through this work, we can build a future in which we can live. They are also the Mariposa Business Manager, and a resident of the land. The workshops they can offer include:

  • (Seasonally) Mushroom and/or Plant Foraging 

  • Fiber Arts Workshops, including:

    • Mushroom, Lichen, Plant, and/or Animal Dyeing

    • Weaving for Beginners

    • Knitting at all levels

  • Wild Fermentation 

    • Lactobacillus and Friends (kraut, pickles, kimchi, etc.)​

    • Wild Yeast and Friends (cider, kvass, wine, etc.)

    • Acetic Acid Bacteria and Friends (vinegars)

  • (Summer) Make Nettle Cordage​

  • Eating for a Human Body: Species Appropriate Nutrition

  • Medicine Making

    • Salve with herbal infused oils​

    • Tinctures

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Base pricing per workshop starts at

  • $35/person for a 1-2 hour workshop

  • $50/person for a 3-4 hour workshop

  • $100/person/day for an overnight workshop


This pricing reflects a unique Mariposa discount. Any materials required are not included in the above pricing structure.


Non-profit, BIPOC, large group, queer affiliation, and other discounts are available. 

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For Stargazing: regular rate $360, corporate $500


These prices are negotiable for school groups, and community organizations

For pricing on other offerings, reach out to Mariposa Institute to get a quote. 

Rayna Grace

Star Gazing and more...

Rayna Grace Matthews is an ordained Kohenet (Jewish Priestess), a lover of the cosmos, a songstress and a story-teller. She is a white queer Jewish woman residing on Northern Pomo land, a resident of the Mariposa Institute, and our Program Manager. A self-taught star-gazer, Rayna Grace loves to watch the star and moon cycles and to share these wonders as a starguide. She holds an M.F.A. in the performing arts. She offers prayer leadership and musical accompaniment at a local Jewish Congregation on occasion. Rayna Grace has three incredible children -the family's most joyous moments are living room dance parties and playing music together.

Guided star tours with Rayna Grace are an approachable, practical and intimate pathway to getting closer to the stars. With her expert knowledge, and with help from her powerful "star wand", she will guide you through the current constellations, planetary bodies and cosmic phenomena visible from Earth.  You will clearly be able to see many of the season's most stunning constellations, learn how you can use the stars and your own body for navigation and time-keeping, understand the relationship between the Zodiac constellations and the planets, and hear stories from around the world that bring the stars' mythologies to life.  This star experience will give you unforgettable images to see the constellations from your own backyard, and will forever change your perception of the night sky.

Other offerings that Rayna provides are:

  • Seasonal Spiritual Leadership (Equinox, solstice, lunar phases and more)

  • Jewish Holiday, Shabbat, and Rite of Passage Services

  • Improv/Site Specific Theater/Theater of the Oaks

  • Song and Chant Circles

  • Open Mic/Talent Show/Drag Show Producer/MC

  • Childcare

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