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The Team
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Lew Crockett

Lew Crockett

General Manager

Lew Crockett (they/them) is the General Manager for Mariposa. They make sure retreats run smoothly, the water system is working, maintain resident/member coordination, and provide maintenance support for the land and infrastructure. They make sure the space is safe and welcoming for retreat guests and residents alike.

Lew has over a decade of experience in maintenance work, and has run their own catering business on the side for the last eight years (Grazing Bull Catering). 

They are a parent, organizer, musician, and ritualist eager to bring more life and vibrancy to Mariposa Institute. 


Wilder Herbertson

Wilder Herbertson

Business Manager

Wilder Herbertson (they/them) is the Business Manager for Mariposa Institute. They provide fiscal oversight, personnel and operations management, some outreach, and are working on the Mariposa Strategic plan (if you want to be involved, reach out!).

They are an ancestral skills practitioner and teacher with a focus on mushroom and plant foraging, fiber arts, and ancestrally appropriate diet. They are  called to share this earth-connected work so that others can join in this reverence and wonder. They believe that by recommitting daily our connection to the earth, we can build a future in which we can live.

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Shai Schnall

Rayna Grace

Program Manager

Rayna's writing her bio now... check back in soon to get to know her!

Our Board

Our Board

These are the folks who make sure we're fulfilling our mission, and whose leadership makes Mariposa possible.

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