The Land

In addition to the facilities at the entrance to Mariposa, there are 115 acres of creeks, forests and meadows to adventure in. There is also a garden, lively goats and a large rustic barn. An abundance of wildlife and native flora thrive in this protected setting. The property and surrounding hills can be easily explored by hiking on footpaths and nearby country roads. 

The Creek


On its journey from high mountain tops to the pacific ocean, Orr creek peacefully trickles through the center of Mariposa's property in the winter, fall, and spring months. The creek is a favorite spot to refresh, play, and relax, and the calming sound of water on rocks can be heard from all our facilities.

The Meadow


A short stroll across the creek and up the mountain will bring you to our grand and spacious meadow where visitors have enjoyed watching the passing clouds, resting under a tree, and picnicking, with friends. Hike along the path and discover our secret waterfall where you can dunk in the tubs or nap on a sun warmed rock

The Floodplain


The floodplain is an open space adjacent to the creek and below the main facilities. With several platforms for tents and near the restroom, it is ideal for group camping under the stars. It has also been the location for many to enjoy sports and exercise, scavenger hunts, or as homebase from which to explore the creek.

The Views


Nestled in the mountains above Ukiah, following Mariposa's trails reveals one stunning view after another. Some are enjoyed easily from the main road, others are waiting for more intrepid explorers to savor. Our favorites are Succulent Rock looking upon the mountain to the north and Secret Tea Spot treating visitors to a panorama of the valley.

The Wildlife


Mariposa is home to a community of people and creatures all trying  to live in harmony together. We are frequently visited by bounding deer, dashing lizards, and roaming turkeys. There also legends of mountain lions and sightings of bear scat, though they are quite shy and keep their distance. Birders will also recognize many species of flying friends.

The Fauna


The changing seasons bring to life an infinite variety of shades, textures, and fragrances to Mariposa. This complex ecosystem is home many species of oak, redwood, madrone, and manzanita trees. Naturalists are delighted to spot and array of native wild flowers, and foragers can gorge on acorns, bay nuts, mushrooms, and black berries.