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The Facilities

We have several spaces where your group can gather for meetings and workshops.  Our 26' diameter carpeted wooden yurt can comfortably hold a large group, and our dining room, dormitory spaces, decks, and porches can be used as break-out spaces. You have access to our fully-equipped kitchen and dining room to prepare and enjoy meals together.. Our two dormitories, bathrooms with shower, and plenty of space to camp allow you to design overnight retreats.

In addition to the facilities at the entrance to Mariposa, there are 115 acres of creeks, forests and meadows to adventure in. There are also a community garden and a large rustic barn. An abundance of wildlife and native flora thrive in this protected setting. The property and surrounding hills can be easily explored by hiking on footpaths and nearby country roads. 


We also have 7 off-grid cabins and two on-grid homes available for long-term residency. Residents pay membership dues to stay at Mariposa and are committed to Mariposa's mission of community building and land stewardship. Cabins have wood stoves, composting privies, and some have solar electricity. There is no WiFi in the off-grid cabins. On-grid  homes have electricity, propane, and the possibility for WiFi. Call our office at (707) 462-1016 or email our facility manager, Lew Crockett at to be added to our waitlist. 

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