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2023 Winter Solstice Soiree

Come one, come all; come corvids big and small!

For the solstice, Mariposa Institute is inviting our community to a three-day retreat to celebrate Mariposa’s accomplishments for the year, recognize our staff and board, and thank our stakeholders for supporting us in being our best. There will be workshops and events throughout the weekend, culminating in a gala dinner with music, speeches, and a silent auction. We'll round out the night with a corvid-themed masquerade ball.


This will be an event both to celebrate our community, and to let our community give to support our mission of education and environmental stewardship.

Event Details


Mariposa Institute

3801 Low Gap Rd

Ukiah CA, 95482


Programming for the event is scheduled to start at 5:00 PM on December 21st, but you're welcome to come by around three to meet the other participants, have a snack, and get settled into the dorms or your camping spot. The event should be wrapped up by 2:00 PM on December 23rd.

Can't Come?

Trust us, we understand how busy one's schedule can get! If you're not able to make it to this event, we invite you to donate to our mission in lieu of attending.

Schedule of events.png

December 21st

December 22nd

December 23rd

  • Participants arrive, settle into the dorms/camping, and get to know each other

  • Mariposa welcomes guests, orients them to the weekend

  • Dinner

  • Meadow ritual with a bonfire, mikveh, and more

  • Breakfast

  • Wild mushroom dyeing workshop 

  • Lunch

  • Integration time/meet the land

  • Mask making for the Corvid Ball

  • Winter feast/silent auction

  • Corvid costume ball and concert

  • Breakfast

  • Land connection/oak/mushroom walk

  • Lunch 

  • Departure

We strive to provide an accessible ticketing structure

In order to make this event open to every member of our community, we have three ticket tiers. We invite you to chose the option that works best for you:



Supporter Ticket

Our invitation is to consider choosing the Supporter Ticket if you are representing an organization or otherwise have the ability to do so. 


Community Ticket

Our intention is that the Community Tickets shall go to community members who want to support our mission but can't afford the regular-priced ticket. 



Drop-In Ticket

We also included a Drop-In Ticket option so that you can attend any part of the event you wish, without feeling compelled to attend the whole event or sleep on the land.

Your contribution will help us to continue our mission of education and land stewardship. Every dollar counts and will make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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